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Bhaskar Varman Notes | HS TET Assam |

Bhaskar Varman (594-648/50): In this article, I want to share important question and answer about Bhaskar Varman. Hope all the points benefited for you this Bhaskar Varman Notes.

Bhaskar Varman Notes

Important Points  Bhaskar Varman Notes :

  • He was the son of Susthika Varman
  • Also known as Kumara/Kumar Raja, he was celibate.
  • Alliance with Harshavardhana.
  • His contemporary kings are- i) Harsha Vardhana of Pushyabhuti. ii) Sasanka of Gaud. iii) Pulakeshini of Chalukyas.
  • He was the last king of Barman dynasty.
  • He gave land grant to Brahmins.
  • Friend with Harsha and attack Sasanka found in Nidhanpur Copper inscription.
  • All the information are Collected from “Harsha” of Banabhatta.
  • Hansabeg was sent to “Harsha” Court found in Harsha.

Important Question and Answer:

1)      Who was the father of Bhaskar varman?- Susthita  varman

2)      Which Varman king was contemporary to Harsha Vardana?- Bhaskar Varman

3)      What was the gift accepted by Hiun Tsang? – A cap of skin

4)      When Bhaskar Varman attend to Kanouj assembly, he addressed himself?-As Brahma.

5)      Who was the last ruller of varman dynesty?- Bhaskar Varman.

6)      In the ceremony of prayag, Bhaskar Varman had his camp on the bank of which river?- On the south Bank of Yamuna.

7)      Who was the ambassador of Bhaskar Varma to meet Harsha?- Hamsavega.

8)      According to Hiun Tsang what was the caste of Bhaskar Barman?- Brahman by Caste.

9)      Bhaskar Varman reached Kanouj after a journey of how many days?- 90 Days.

10)  Who was the brother of Bhaskar Varman?- Supratisthita Varman.

Conclusion: Hope all the information about  Bhaskar Varman notes is helpful for any competitave examination. If you find its important please share with othres.

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